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The Story So Far - 1977


Description: Following the classic Superman origin story, “The Story So Far” is a 3 page story which traces the history of comic art in America. Starting with the early newspaper comic strips of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and continuing with the comic books and pulp novels of the 1930’s and up through the comic art of the 1970’s.

Medium: Comic collage and acrylics on canvas.

Unpublished: 1977

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Art For Art's Sake - 1980


Description: Inspired by the work of Toulouse Lautrec, this 6 page story follows a futuristic painter whose dealer constructs an elaborate environment for him to work. Story by Rich Mrozek

Medium: Pen, ink, colored pencils and watercolors on cardboard

Unpublished: 1980

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Comic Jazz: A Comic Art Portfolio - Summer, 1983

Jim McGreal created original artwork and music for this comic art portfolio. The set included 7 silk-screened prints including an illustrated song with an accompanying cassette tape. View Gallery Images. Listen to "On The Run"

Comic Jazz: A Comic Art Portfolio includes:
  • 7 full color 10" x 16" silk screened prints featuring the music and collage art of Jim McGreal.
  • Each hand printed set is enclosed in a full color silk screened printed envelope.
  • A stereo cassette recording of the illustrated song "ON THE RUN".

"Congratulations on a beautiful package! It is colorful and innovative"

Will Eisner

"A new direction for the comics form. A gutsy move, well-conceived, well-executed. Not to be passed over by those fans of the new wave, 'but on the edge" material."

Dave Sim "Cerebus"



The pieces presented in this collection have been exhibited since 1979 at various conventions, art galleries, comic shops and the Chicago Cultural Center. Printing began after the 1982 Chicago Comic Convention using photo-prepared silk screens, poster inks, and 90 lb. bristol stock. The project took six months to complete.

"ON THE RUN", written and illustrated in 1979, was recorded at the Consonant Studio, Chicago, IL, on June 8, 1983. Cassette duplicating was done at Universal Recording Studios, Chicago, IL. Jim on guitar and vocals. John Piet on lead guitar.

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Special thanks to the Chicago Comic Convention, Marvel Comics, Inc., and Modern Graphic Systems, Inc.


Jim McGreal, 1983


I have a limited number of portfolios available. The set will be mailed flat with a cardboad backing. Shipping and handling costs have increased since 1983, so the total cost is $25.00 for orders inside the U.S.

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